Innovation in Nursing

Kimberley Smith

Kimberley practices on the forefront of nursing for people who have dementia and continues to push the boundaries for herself and those who work with her. She is currently a Resident and Patient Care Manager and Site Leader of Youville at Providence Health Care which includes the diverse portfolio of residential care, tertiary mental health and a community based adult day program. She manages this diverse and challenging portfolio based on her strong principles and puts relationship centred care and leadership first and foremost. In her current position, she is implementing a new Adult Day Program in Vancouver for people who cannot be served in other programs because of dementia or complex medical needs. As she researches the best practices and concepts for adult day programming, she is putting her own spin on creating a dignified and inviting program for very vulnerable people.

As a champion and consistent support for her staff, she encourages them to provide the best care possible and honours family as true members of the care team. She demonstrates her innovation everyday as she approaches each situation with questions instead of answers. She has also led the introduction of mindfulness training for her staff because she values and appreciates the complex nature of their work and will stop at nothing to be able to support them.

In addition, Kimberly has embraced new research opportunities that examine the role of the family caregiver and has supported the research, focus groups and education with these families at her facility. She led the implementation of a family caregiver support clinic and identified that the needs related to burnout, distress, grief and loss were so significant that they needed to be supported in a different, therapeutic way utilizing psychiatrist and psychologist support.

Kimberley is a lifelong learner and will be starting her Master’s degree shortly while continuing to provide complex care in her daily work.